At Iceberg Management, we believe in the development of long-term relationships with our clients and know that a punctual and stable human resources presence within your company contributes to the success of the initiatives put in place. This is why we have decided to offer a loyalty program to our clients who wish to obtain a discount based on the volume of hours used.

In the future, a discount in the form of a percentage will be paid directly on your invoice when you reach a certain number of hours worked (50, 75, 100 and 200). In this way, you save significantly so that your average hourly rate drops.

Do like Hélène and Feng at Eagle and delegate the management of your human resources to the Iceberg Management team! Hélène and Feng proudly qualify in the Platinum category: they received all the discounts in 2015, which earned them the equivalent of 33 hours of free consultation!


Certain types of more vulnerable organizations, such as public, municipal, para-public institutions, such as educational institutions and those in the health and social services network, as well as any non-profit organization, are usually more sensitive to price, even though their needs are just as critical to the well-being of employees. Since giving back to the community is at the heart of Iceberg Management’s values, these organizations benefit from a discount when they use Iceberg Management’s organizational and management skills development consulting services. This discount allows this clientele to save 17% at all times!



Since we are committed to the development of charitable organizations that support causes that are more important to our entire community, Iceberg Management has decided to volunteer its expertise to one charity per year. For a maximum of 30 hours, spread throughout the year, Iceberg Management will support the Board of Directors or a member of management in a human resources or governance project. It’s our way of giving to the next, offering thousands of dollars annually in the form of free coaching and advice.

Do like the Alzheimer Society, here is their testimonial:

The Alzheimer Society South Shore recently called upon Bénévoles D'Affaires for its Pay Equity file. We had the pleasure of working with Ms. Julie Tardif. I would like to acknowledge Ms. Tardif's professionalism and dedication. Throughout the year, the Corporation was accompanied by a dynamic and available person. A good teacher, she was able to pass on her knowledge to the Executive Director in this matter. I strongly recommend Ms. Julie Tardif to any employer with needs in terms of human resources management or challenges related to their business.

– Geneviève Grégoire, Executive Director


At Iceberg Management, we understand that our clients’ need for expertise is not necessarily proportional to their ability to pay. To accommodate our clients, we ensure that the service offerings in which we offer our solutions correspond exactly to the eligibility criteria required by Emploi-Québec for the granting of subsidies.

Through the local employment centre (CLE) in your region, Emploi-Québec makes available to businesses various subsidy programs that support continuous improvement in human resources management. A multitude of projects are covered and companies are sometimes eligible for reimbursements of up to 50% of professional fees.


To learn more about your eligibility, please contact the CLE in your area: