Should we only coach struggling managers?

Should we only coach struggling managers? If you have 5 managers to coach, take advantage of our bronze loyalty program, which will give you a 5% discount on our hourly rate. With the purchase of a 100-hour bank, 5 managers will receive 7 individual coaching sessions. Skills to be developed: Emotional intelligence Optimal management of time and priorities Responsibility and accountability Agile and communicative leadership Team development and coaching Trick question: Should we only coach managers in difficulty? Your answer is “of course not”, yet companies often offer coaching when managers are confronted with issues and shortcomings, whereas high-potential managers would be propelled by professional coaching and would enable you to exceed your objectives. Indeed, managers who have invested in coaching report leadership behaviours more in line with their mission-vision-value trio and strategic planning; the power of coaching lies in the increased accountability of the coachee. The empowerment the company very quickly enjoys testifies to an excellent return on investment. We have 3 certified coaches at Iceberg Management, two of whom are available this summer. Yes, it’s a good idea to coach in the summer! It’s a lull in business activity, which allows the coachee to be more introspective. Similarly, the “back to school” period is very conducive to setting personal growth objectives. What can you expect in terms of budget? 100hours x $185 (less 5% Bronze Program loyalty discount) or $17,575. Spread over 3 months, that’s a monthly investment equivalent to $5,858 per month, or $1,171 per manager. At this price, and considering the proven benefits, can you afford not to invest? Contactez-nous PS: if you have 7 managers, opt for 5 sessions instead of 7 per manager for the same price. By Julie Tardif, CRHA, Speaker, Certified Trainer, Co-founder and Partner at Iceberg Management


Julie Tardif

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