Optimize your team’s performance with AtmanCo psychometric tests

Facilitating collective intelligence has become an essential component in strengthening cohesion and efficiency within teams. With this in mind, Iceberg Management has chosen AtmanCo as its preferred partner for two of its flagship products: the psychometric test and the team workshop. These innovative tools offer human resources professionals and managers of small and medium-sized businesses an unprecedented approach to stimulating organizational growth, personal development and collective success.

What is AtmanCo?

It’s an intelligent platform designed to meet staffing, leadership and talent development needs. Continuously validated by independent researchers to the highest standards, this test offers a comprehensive psychometric report. It includes assessment of cognitive skills, personality and job suitability. It also includes professional skills and complementarity with other team profiles.

Why AtmanCo?

Although we can’t resist using other personality tests, Iceberg Management particularly appreciates the AtmanCo tests. That’s because they’re scientifically proven, affordable, multilingual and easily accessible via a secure platform. As a proud Canadian women’s brand, their team of experts ensures that the research and scientific validation process is both ethical and rigorous. This is perfectly in line with our quest for excellence and professionalism.

When should you consider the Atman psychometric test? Here are 4 targeted HR activities:

  1. Staffing: to get to know candidates better. The test enables you to validate the final selection, increasing the objectivity of the decision-making process. Finally, it can validate the match with the position manager.
  2. Organizational movements: to better manage the changes brought about by promotions, lateral movements and job creations.
  3. Workforce planning: to better inventory available skills, to increase objectivity prior to decisions on transfers, and to develop talent.
  4. Individual coaching: to help develop self-knowledge, discover strengths and areas for improvement, and raise awareness.

It’s no secret that managers and HR professionals love to use psychometric tests. But are they using them wisely? Offering managers and human resources professionals a reference tool for employee profiles helps reduce the risk of making the wrong decision. It also provides a critical and objective view of a situation, and helps uncover talents to be developed.

Developing group dynamics during a team workshop

To maximize the use of the results of a psychometric test, Iceberg Management offers three types of workshop, each adapted to different needs.

  1. The awakening phase (2 hours). This allows for greater self-awareness through the discovery of personality styles, including personality colors.
  2. Knowledge phase (4 hours). Improves group cohesion by analyzing team profiles, capitalizing on the diversity of group members.
  3. Competence phase (7 hours). Emphasizes the development of productive team behaviors, and works on group dynamics according to Patrick Lencioni’s 5 characteristics of a functional team.

Group dynamics: a lever for organizational performance

Group dynamics are characterized by the awakening of awareness and the establishment of a common vocabulary. It also leads to the emergence of norms, the setting of common objectives and, last but not least, improved team performance. The AtmanCo workshops we run for our customers are inspired by these characteristics. Indeed, these workshops focus on these elements to foster harmonious and productive collaboration. Here we present a case study we conducted at a customer site.


In conclusion, the combination of AtmanCo psychometric test results and team workshop objectives offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing team performance.Get your hands on precise assessments that reveal your employees’ DNA.That means revealing their learning capacity, personality, preferences and core values.

The diversity of our workshops and Iceberg Management’s expertise offer a winning strategy for HR professionals and SME managers.

Marie-Christine Drolet, President of AtmanCo, sums up this approach: “We believe in the power of the team and the unique strengths of each individual.Recognizing their true potential is what defines success in business.”

Please contact us to find out more about how AtmanCo’s psychometric testing and team workshops can transform your team and propel your business to new heights.


Julie Tardif

Sales Director, Co-founder & Partner

Approved speaker and trainer

Human resources consultant


Médina Cayer

Managing Director, Co-Founder & Partner

Accredited professional coach & approved trainer

Certified management consultant

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