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It is common to say that you have to dig deeper into the subjects in order to understand what is really going on. At Iceberg Management, our method is to dive underwater. It’s like digging, but more intense since we go directly to the source to see what is causing the issues in the daily lives of your managers. The goal of the axis named “transformis really about moving away from the status quo and taking yourself to another level. The level of performance, knowledge, skills, interpersonal skills and know-how. We then become your performance partner. For this we have five options.


Unlike conferences, there is a notion of learner behind the training courses. That is to say that the participants come to gather knowledge via a lecture course. The aim of the training is to fill a gap in knowledge in order to develop these as well as skills on a specific theme of which the training is the subject. In the majority of cases, in order to make the learning process more lively and more concrete, the training includes exercises so that the participant can put into practice what they are learning.


When we carry out a facilitation with a client, we lead the team to collaborate while stimulating collective intelligence. What defines facilitation at Iceberg: colors, energy and movements. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this workshop led by the facilitator so that the entire team contributes and achieves the set goal.


Whether it is individual coaching, management coaching, team or group coaching, we necessarily have a coaching option for your managers. Coaching is a recognized process which leads to obtaining an overall objective by obtaining intermediate objectives. THEcoachis there to help the person who is being coached take a step back from situations in order to see things from a new angle. The coach leads his client to find the origin of his behaviors, to pinpoint his fears, fears, doubts, beliefs which have until then prevented him from obtaining more results. The coachee then learns how he can do things differently and takes action.


Often confused with coaching, mentoring is a one-to-one transfer of knowledge between a person with experience in a field to a person in need of this knowledge. At Iceberg Management, we very frequently support senior managers. We adapt our executive coach and mentor hats according to the client’s needs.


Mediation, for its part, is a process by which a neutral and impartial person, our certified consultant, helps the parties involved in a conflict to communicate, to try to resolve their difficulties and to find for themselves a favorable outcome for their situation. disagreement. At the same time, the mediator has the role of supporting the responsible manager in supervising the follow-up of the process in order to ensure the sustainability of the solutions identified.

Professionals help you achieve your goals

These five approaches are the keys that will allow your company, your teams and your managers to also find the root causes that have previously prevented them from moving forward faster and further. Thanks to our team of experts, we help you go beyond these boundaries in order to move further on the path to performance.

To kick off this in-depth exploration, we invite you to contact us. We will then be able to determine the option(s) that are best suited to your needs.

Looking forward to chat with you.


Ophelie Therrien

Certified professional coach and trainer

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