About us

Our Mission

Iceberg Management is a consulting firm whose mission is to offer organizations in the Greater Montreal area and surrounding cities the expertise of its certified coaches, certified trainers and consultants in human resources, organizational development and applied management. Our team will help you solve your management problems by integrating best practices, both at the operational and strategic levels.

Iceberg Management’s objective is to help you gain organizational efficiency by investigating the real causes of problems and by implementing concrete solutions adapted to the specific context of your company.

Our Vision

Iceberg Management is a consulting firm whose economic and philosophical vision is self-sufficiency through the autonomy of its human and financial resources, in quantity and quality necessary to meet all its needs.

Our Values

Iceberg Management is a consulting firm with the following values:

Excellence, through quality, satisfaction, rigour and consistency; Continuous Improvement, through skills development, efficiency and research; Agility, through adaptation, contextualization, delivery and speed; Professionalism, through ethics, commitment, integrity and reliability.

Our Team

Julie Tardif

Julie Tardif, CRHA

Commercial Director, Co-Founder & Partner
Keynote Speaker & Certified Trainer
Human Resources Consultant

With a diploma in communications, a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a graduate diploma in higher education, Julie Tardif has been specialized in human resources management for 15 years. Certified green belt in Lean Management Six Sigma by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité, Julie improves HR processes by focusing on simplicity and procedural justice. Passionate about teaching, she chose to renounce a college teaching career to support the strong growth of her firm after completing an entrepreneurial program at the École des Entrepreneurs du Québec with her business partner in 2015.

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A member of l’Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA), she predominantly works as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and speaker. In organizational development, she has been particularly involved in assessing her clients’ challenges in order to develop sustainable tools for recruitment, training, performance management and total compensation. Over the years, she has also acquired an enviable expertise in the development of employer branding and employee experience, both through her human resources, marketing and communication strategies.

Today, Julie employs a dozen salaried employees and stands out for her leadership, dynamic approach, creativity and writing skills, in addition to being a master in the art of developing solid interpersonal relationships with her network. Appreciated contributor to our blog, she is often quoted in journalistic articles. An excellent simplifier, she is sollicited for conferences of 500 people as well as to host panels and podcasts for the general public.

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Médina Cayer, MBA, Adm.A, CRHA, ACC

Executive Director, Cofounder & Partner
Certified Professional Coach & Certified Trainer
Certified Management Consultant

With a degree in information technology, a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, an MBA in management consulting and a certification as a NLP professional coach, Médina Cayer is an erudite entrepreneur with a real talent for transforming the professional lives of her clients and employees. Always eager to learn new things, Medina is one of the few experts in the market who is recognized for practicing applied management.

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Member of the Ordre des CRHA, the Ordre des Administrateurs agréés and the International Coaching Federation, she has worked primarily as a strategic business partner with clients from the community, public, parapublic and private sectors. As a coach, she quickly gained the trust of businesses in the Greater Montreal area and rapidly established herself as a reference for senior executives and their management teams. With over 200 hours of professional coaching in her first year of practice, Medina is also a seasoned management consultant who has led more than a hundred companies to their desired organizational success.

Médina is renowned for her ability to apply proven and internationally recognized management models to companies. She particularly stands out for her qualities as a coach, her pragmatic mindset and her ability to contextualize her interventions according to the actual capacity of organizations. Initially a project manager, she now practices as an executive coach and leads leadership programs at Iceberg Management, firm that she co-founded in 2015 with her business partner.


Noellie Dias, CRHA

Consultante en développement organisationnel,
Spécialisée ressources humaines

As a graduate of HEC Montreal with a bilingual Bachelors degree in Operations Management and Human Resources Management and as a member of the Ordre des CRHA, Noellie has focused on human capital management since an internship solidified her interest in this discipline. Always striving to bring added value to her interventions, Noellie stands out for her great ability to achieve her objectives and to become a role model.

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Having focused on the entire staffing process at the beginning of her career, she has since developed a real expertise in IT recruitment, in addition to having worked in placement agencies and conducted international recruitment mandates. Driven by her clients’ satisfaction, she strives to achieve their diversified workforce objectives while seeking to improve employees’ working conditions. As part of her duties, she assists management and likes to use her creativity in her interventions.

Beyond her enviable profile as a talent acquisition specialist, Noellie works to support companies in their HR initiatives and in their desire to structure sustainable solutions in the area of diversity and inclusion. She raises awareness and provides guidance to decision makers who are challenged by social issues. Noellie helps them implement, maintain and promote actions that support diversity management in the workplace. During her career at Iceberg Management, Noellie has conducted interim HR mandates as a generalist consultant, as well as delivered diagnostic and training mandates for clients in all industries.

Elyse Marineau

Elyse Marineau, CRHA

Consultante en développement organisationnel,
Spécialisée ressources humaines

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from ESG UQAM, Elyse specializes in human resources management with a keen interest in information technology, organizational development and change management. Passionate about continuous improvement, she enjoys finding creative solutions to maximize the productivity of her clients.

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Member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, Elyse first developed her expertise in a unionized environment. She has specialized in the implementation and integration of computerized solutions for human capital management. Her great versatility has also allowed her to accomplish several mandates in the areas of staffing, competency development, employee induction and integration, and the improvement of labour relations, all the while practicing her consulting role for a workforce of nearly 200 employees.

At Iceberg Management, Elyse assists clients with various HR mandates while also acting as a special project manager for the development of the firm’s internal practices. She is particularly well known for her work on recruitment, pay equity, total compensation, talent management and harmonization of working conditions.

Elyse stands out for her creativity and her ability to synthesize. A good speaker, she explains complex concepts clearly and easily, which quickly reassures clients. Elyse is committed to offering a service based on listening, transparency and collaboration for a support adapted to the needs raised and to the ambitions of her clients.

Caroline Thomson, CHRP, CPCC, ACC

Coach professionnelle & Formatrice

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a graduate diploma in human resources management from McGill University, Caroline has always been curious about human behavior. This curiosity has led her to pursue a career in human resources since 2002.

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Not only is Caroline working towards the objective of becoming a certified coach, but she also has extensive experience as a generalist in human resources management and it is with a deep expertise that she exercises her advisory role with Iceberg Management’s clients in French and in English since 2016.

A member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA) and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Caroline stands out for her professionalism, her agility and her listening skills. She is always available and ready to help, offering outstanding customer service. Certified to administer the AtmanCo Psychometric Test and the EQi-2.0 Emotional Quotient Inventory, she is regularly involved in making strategic hiring and talent development decisions for our clients.


Audrey Othot, CRHA

Human Resources Consultant 

With a bachelor’s degree in communication and human relations, Audrey stands out for her skills in group facilitation and training as well as in organizational communication. It was during her university years that she fell in love with human resources management. In order to consolidate her interest, during her school career, Audrey held various roles in human resources as an intern and summer student. These opportunities solidified her skills and forged her self-taught sense and methodology.

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At the beginning of her career, she was able to hone her talents by completing a number of contracts and internships in the staffing field, including mass recruiting and large-scale projects. Audrey then moved on to more generalist roles allowing her to develop and apply best practices in human resources management and to develop a strategic vision. Having participated in the redesign of an HR department, she specializes in the implementation of efficient and optimal tools and processes in regulated and growing environments.

With her analytical mind and her spirit of constant improvement, Audrey is committed to supporting and advising organizations in their HR initiatives in a proactive manner while prioritizing the candidate and employee experience. She stands out for her resourcefulness and her ability to adapt and manage priorities, enabling her to bring projects to fruition.

Jessica Dufresne

Jessica Dufresne, CRHA

Human Resources Consultant

With a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations, as well as a major in psychology, Jessica always puts people at the center of her professional interactions. As a member of the Ordre des CRHA, she has worked for nearly ten years in human resources with varied clienteles, ranging from SMEs to large companies, as well as public bodies. Her colours? Yellow, red ascendant!

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Having the primary mission of promoting the well-being of employees at work and thus promoting the benefits that can result from it, such as increased productivity, mobilization and attraction, Jessica mainly took care of the aspects staffing, training, mobilization and performance evaluation. Recognized for her efficiency, optimism and creativity, she knows how to create strong interpersonal relationships based on authenticity.

The agility! Being able to demonstrate flexibility, respond to urgent needs and adapt to different organizational contexts is one of her great strengths!

Chantal Tremblay, CRHA

Senior Human Resources Consultant 

Holding a bachelor degree in law from Université de Montréal and a certificate in human resources from HEC, Chantal Tremblay achieved a strong experience in human resources management in a unionized and non-unionized manufacturing environments and assumed a leadership role for 18 years. During her career, she has had the opportunity to support team development, build strong HR teams, and partner with managers in their day-to-day challenges and their strategic goals.

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Whether it’s talent acquisition, organizational structure development, downsizing, implementation of technological solutions, labour relations or collective agreement negotiation, her vision has allowed companies to increase their efficiency by connecting with current trends. Chantal demonstrated her ability to become an essential business partner in the strategic development of companies when facing human resources challenges.  Chantal is a member of the Ordre des Administrateurs agréés.

Julie Marie

Julie Marie

Responsable des services administratifs

Julie Marie holds a master’s degree in Financial Engineering and Tax Strategy in Finance and Accounting from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. She developed her knowledge of business management and accounting analysis throughout her university studies, including an exchange year in Madrid at the Universidad San Pablo Ceu. Julie was able to consolidate her new skills through her various interships, namely in retail banking and in investment banking that allowed her to practice financial analysis of small and medium-sized companies as well as companies listed on the CAC-40.

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Prior to joining Iceberg Management, Julie diversified her work experience in Quebec SMEs. She was employed at Bernard & Fils Traiteur for 5 years, holding roles in customer service, coordination, and then as team leader for events. Through this progression, she quickly learned a lot about stress management and cross-functional communication practices. Today, at Iceberg Management, her time is shared with accounting tasks such as invoicing, bank reconciliation and collection of customer accounts, as well as administrative and marketing tasks with the posting of articles on our blog, social networks and the organization of various customer projects such as events and gifts.

With her analytical mind and curiosity, Julie wears the various hats of accounting technician and administrative technician. Her extensive previous experience allowed her to quickly build the confidence of the team, as well as display her rigor and speed of execution. She is an invaluable asset to supporting the growth of Iceberg Management.


Isabelle Cloutier

Isabelle Cloutier

Coach PNL affilié

Diplômée Post-Maître au Centre Québécois de Programmation Neuro-Linguistique (CQPNL) volet corporatif, Isabelle Cloutier cumule aussi plus de 15 ans en développement des affaires dans l’industrie des médias et de la mode. Sa mission est d’inspirer des organisations et tout humain dans le développement de son plein potentiel vers une cohérence écologique et éthique, où ils peuvent enfin allier performance et bien-être.

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D’un point de vue académique et professionnel, en plus de son parcours PNL, elle a fait l’obtention d’un BAC en commercialisation de la mode, une formation en animation télé/radio à Promédia et d’un DEP à l’École des Entrepreneurs incluant une formation en vente-conseil.

Elle s’est démarquée, sur le marché du travail en tant que directrice de compte pour la Semaine de Mode de Montréal, le Festival Mode et Design et le Journal Métro où elle a cumulé les mentions d’excellence et de représentante l’année. TC média lui a offert l’opportunité d’évoluer en tant Directrice Stratégie Numérique pour les équipes de ventes à travers le Québec. C’est à ce moment que les portes du coaching se sont ouverts à elle.

Isabelle est une coach, une entrepreneure et une grande voyageuse. Elle est d’ailleurs fondatrice et éco designer de sa ligne de vêtement de voyage minimaliste et multifonctionnelle MUJO. Excellant dans son rôle de coach, elle accompagne les clients d’Iceberg à travers des parcours en leadership.

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Lyne Desrochers, M. Ed, CRHA, ACC

Certified Professional Coach and trainer

Diplômée en relations industrielles et titulaire d’une Maîtrise en Éducation, option Technologie éducative, Lyne Desrochers, M. Éd., CRHA, ACC est aussi une coach professionnelle certifiée à l’ICF.

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Depuis plus de 25 ans, Lyne se concentre sur le développement de personnes et de leaders. Elle a œuvré dans un large éventail d’industries, y compris l’ingénierie, l’aéronautique, la pétrochimie, le génie logiciel, l’alimentation et les services professionnels, lui permettant ainsi de développer une vision holistique du développement des gens. Dans son dernier rôle, en tant que cadre pour une grande organisation internationale, elle a dirigé une transformation culturelle à la tête du groupe Formation et développement des talents. En tant que consultante, formatrice, coach exécutive et équicoach, Lyne travaille avec ses clients pour créer une voie claire de ce qu’ils doivent entreprendre pour réussir. Sa vision du coaching est d’accompagner les leaders, les professionnels et les personnes passionnées à atteindre leur plein potentiel afin qu’ils puissent accomplir leurs objectifs et donner vie aux projets qui leur tiennent à cœur. Lyne est d’ailleurs reconnue pour son approche collaborative, sa capacité d’adaptation au contexte dans lequel elle évolue et sa capacité à simplifier les choses compliquées.