A word about the authors

A word about the authors

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Julie Tardif, CRHA and Medina Cayer, MBA, Adm.A, CRHA are the consultants and visionaries who recently co- founded Iceberg Management, a human resources and organizational development consulting firm. Read moreWith their expertise, they help managers of SMEs and board members face both operational and strategic challenges, through the integration of best practices in management and governance. The purpose of Iceberg Management is to allow its clients to increase in organizational efficiency, by investigating the real causes of the problems and the implementation of concrete solutions tailored to the specific context of each organization.

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Martine Drolet, CRHA and Caroline Thomson, CRHA joined the Iceberg Management team early in the year 2016 while the firm ended its first successful year of activities. Read moreStrong in human resources and organizational development expertise, they fit perfectly into the mission and the goal of the firm, by supporting clients in their organizational challenges and by participating actively in the search to put-in-place solutions. Co-authors of the blog space advice, they take pleasure in sharing their advice to the community in order to improve a little more each day the wonderful world of work.

Iceberg Management | About Us
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Our Mission

Iceberg Management is a consulting firm whose mission is to offer SMEs in the Greater Montreal region and neighbouring cities the expertise of its human resources and organizational development consultants. Our team will assist you in solving your management and human resources problems through the integration of best practices, both operationally and strategically.

The objective of Iceberg Management is to allow you to make gains in organizational effectiveness by investigating the real causes of problems and the implementation of concrete solutions tailored to the specific context of your business.

Our Team

Julie Tardif, CRHA

Speaker & certified trainer
Human Resources Consultant
Co-founder and Partner

Info sheet

A graduate in communications, business administration and recipient of a graduate diploma in andragogy, Julie Tardif has specialized in the management of human resources for nearly 10 years. A member of l’Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, she has mainly worked in staffing, coaching and organizational development. Read More In addition, Julie has been particularly active in studying the problems of her clients in order to develop with them sustainable tools in recruitment, training, performance management and compensation.

Over the years, she has also acquired an enviable expertise in the development of HR brands, both in terms of human resources strategies and marketing and communication strategies. Julie stands out because of her leadership, her dynamism, her creativity and her strengths in written communication, and has mastered the art of developing strong interpersonal relationships with her network.

Médina Cayer, MBA, Adm.A, CRHA

Organizational Development Consultant
Co-founder and Partner

Info sheet

Recipient of a degree in Information Technology and in human resources management as well as an MBA in Management Consulting, Médina Cayer has a wealth of experience in IT, project management, human resources and organizational development. Read more

She is a member of the CRHA and the MBA Association and has worked primarily as a strategic business partner with clients from the community, public, para-public and private sectors.

Her interest in organizational development and change management is evident and directs most of her interventions. Medina is distinguished by her qualities as a business partner, her pragmatic spirit and her capacity to contextualize her interventions according to the realistic capacity of the organizations she works with.

Caroline Thomson, CRHA

Human Resources Consultant | Team lead

Info sheet

Graduate with a BA in Psychology and a graduate level university diploma in human resources management from McGill University, Caroline has always been curious about human behavior. Read more

This curiosity led to a career in human resources beginning in 2002 and it is with great reliability that she executes mandates promptly. Always available, offering unparalleled customer service and demonstrating superior qualities in project coordination, Caroline is key to almost all current files and ensures a steady presence to Iceberg Management’s clients.

Mélanie Gauthier, CRHA

Human Resources Consultant

Andrée Mantha, CRHA


Séphanie Asselin, M.Sc., CRHA


Noellie Dias, CRHA

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Info sheet

Graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources Management from HEC Montréal and a member of the Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, Noellie has been dedicated to the discipline of human capital management since an internship that sparked her interest in the field. Read more

Motivated to always add value to her interventions, Noellie stands out by her ability to achieve goals and solve human problems.

Focusing first on the full recruitment cycle, Noellie initially developed her expertise in the world of placement agencies. Stimulated by the satisfaction of her clients, she aspires to achieve their workforce objectives while seeking to improve the working conditions of employees. As part of her role, she supports management and likes to call upon her creativity in her interventions.

Beyond her versatile profile, Noellie works diligently to find the most efficient and value-added solutions. She stands out thanks to her personalized approach with her client and her observant and analytical sense. Her realistic personality, knowledge of best practices, reliability and empathetic listening skills make her a valuable asset to any team.

Elyse Marineau, CRHA

Human Resources Coordinator

Info sheet

Graduate of a degree in Business Administration from UQAM, Elyse has a keen interest in IT, organizational development and change management. Passionate about continuous improvement, she always finds a new creative way to maximize the productivity of her clients. Read more

As a member of l’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, Elyse developed her expertise in a unionized environment. She specializes mainly in the implementation and integration of IT solutions for the management of human capital. Her versatility also allowed her to accomplish numerous mandates in recruitment, training, onboarding and improvement of labor relations, all the while exercising her role as an advisor for a basin of close to 200 employees.

Elyse stands out for her creativity and ability to analyze and synthesize. She is committed to providing services that are tailored to the needs and to the ambitions of her clients, based on the principles of listening, transparency and collaboration.

Our Affiliated Consultants

Richard Aubé

Certified PNL Practitioner | Coach & Speaker

A graduate from the Centre Québécois en Programmation Neuro-Linguistique (CQPNL) and psychology author, Richard built his reputation on a human approach that respects and celebrates individual differences. Read more

With 11 years of cumulated experience as a speaker and coach, preceded by 15 years of experience in management, sales and business development, including enriching experiences abroad, Richard has been working as an affiliated coach with Iceberg Management since 2015.

In his approach as a coach who is passionate about the differences in personality, Richard advocates the NLP approach because it is a multidimensional process that implicates the development of skills, emotional intelligence and behavioral flexibility which also implies strategic thinking and an understanding of the cognitive processes underlying behavior.

After more than 1000 conferences in North America and Europe, Richard decided to focus more specifically on team coaching and improving group dynamics within the Executive Committees of businesses. By offering to accompany the Executive Committee, Richard goes straight to the point by talking about real things. And clients are asking for more.

Martine Drolet, CRHA

Organizational Development Consultant

A graduate in Industrial Relations, Martine Drolet specializes in human resources management for almost 30 years. Read more

As a member of the Order of the CHRP, Martine is an experienced and bilingual generalist manager with years of experience in both private and public companies in the financial, real estate and consulting engineer sectors. Her passion is to help organizations achieve their business goals by supporting through effective management of their human resources. Results-oriented, she invests herself with energy and dynamism to support her clients and provide excellent client service.

Isabelle Cloutier

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